• Minimum grade: Must be at least 16 years of age, a sophomore junior or senior in high school or a college student.

  • Must be able to drive or have reliable transportation.

  • Must have faith in God accompanied with a desire to grow spiritually.

  • Must have a heart for others.

  • Must have working knowledge of computers and an interest in broadcasting.

  • Must be flexible and available for working hours and special events.

  • Must be able to follow instructions, have the posture of a learner, a good attitude, and able to follow the company dress code.


It is estimated that this program will consists of at least 60 hours that will be spread out over time. The program will run from October - January (breaking for the holidays.)
Intern will receive a $600 stipend for completion of the program. The content produced by the intern will debut on the radio and in the newspaper for Black History Month in February, 2023.

Dress Code:

Most of us love to express ourselves through the things we wear. We love to create an image for ourselves to feel confident and comfortable in our skin. However, this apprenticeship is designed to dress up the inner person and build on the real you. Fashion fads come and go as we age and go through different stages, but building character and confidence from within never goes out of style! The policy concerning apparel is designed to create the least amount of resistance to professionalism, and representation of the company we will be working as well as the people we will engaging. What we gain through this experience is far more than what we lose in not being able to wear the clothing we may prefer individually. We wholeheartedly want to thank you in advance for adhering to our dress code and modesty policy.

Clothing that is prohibited include:

Thin undershirt tank tops as outer wear, tank tops, spaghetti straps, or midriffs showing even when the arms are raised.  

Inappropriate or suggestive slogans/designs or provocative statements on any clothing or hats.

Tight clothing with jeans/pants, shorts or shirts.

Short shorts, skirts, and dresses are not allowed. If your bottom shows at any point while wearing these, they are too short. There is a minimum of a 3-inch inseam and shorts can be measured according to the finger length rule (hemline is not shorter than your middle finger when your arms are by your sides.

Any pants, including sweatpants and shorts with writing on the rear are not allowed.

No underwear is to be shown either through the clothing or by sagging/low riding clothes.

Flip-flops, crocs, house shoes, or any shoes that look like house shoes.


Take care not to wear tops which draw attention to the breasts, including see through, low cut or midriffs, and suggestive or inappropriate writing or designs across the chest area.

Ladies may wear earrings in their ears, but nose rings, bull rings, eye brow piercing, and other body piercings are not allowed.

Hair Color: Black, Brown, Dark Burgundy IS acceptable. Hot Red, green, pink, blonde, purple, blue, or other colors are NOT acceptable.


Earrings of any kind are not allowed.

Hair must be cut or combed. No braids, dreadlocks, twists, or the nappy look.

Hair Color: Black, Dark Brown. Any shade of Red, green, pink, blonde, purple, blue, or other colors are NOT acceptable.

No underwear is to be shown either through the clothing or by sagging/low riding clothes

± As part of our modesty policy, we never joke about, exemplify, comment on, emphasize, or otherwise call attention to sexual body parts or address sensitive subjects in a manner directed toward any person. This is not appropriate at any time and is considered as overt sexual abuse. Profanity and other abusive language is not permitted.

± KJIW reserves the right to update this policy at any time.

Interested in this learning Experience?

Application Deadline: September 23

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